Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr Picollo -----My role model

I generally do not have any role model in my life. I believe in myself and work towards that. But after knowing about Mr Jim Piccolo, who is the man behind the Noveau Riche , is an example of how an ordinary man can raise up to the position of a Chief Executive officer. Jim's vision about himself and his company must be appreciated.. Mr. Jim Piccolo brings with him a combination of business leadership, experience, vision and philosophy. Piccolo believes in building relationships and treating people fairly and with respect. This is the philosophy that has ruled him these years.

Mr. Jim Piccolo was featured in Biz AZ Magazine as one of the “Coolest Places to Work in November 2004 issue.He still has amazing ideas to expand his business. His confidence on himself and great dreams for future, will be an inspiration to the youths. Entrepreneur is the talk of today and every person graduating out of college must have the spark within themselves to grow everyday. Mr. Piccolo has been acknowledged by many national publications for his work as one of the most recognized visionaries, innovators, and philanthropists of his time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

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